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Michael Amadi

Founder Jikoro

"Beyond The Divide Experience: First hand, Beyond the Divide New Orleans, presented an opportunity to engage and connect with a diverse audience.  The experience gave my company a platform, a voice, and attracted potential angel investors."

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Jennifer Avegno,MD

Director NOLA Dept of Health

"Beyond the Divide was the first step in coming together as a community to understand the challenges we face in ensuring that everyone has access to a level playing field with new technology and medical advances.  We cannot all be healthy until we build the trust needed for citizens to be able to access health care equitably and on their own terms.  Hearing innovative solutions to this divide showed that progress is possible, and the time is now to come together around this issue in New Orleans and beyond.  We are excited to continue the conversations and partnerships into the future." 

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Sabrina Short

Founder & Director


“Beyond the Divide exceeded expectations! It was powerful to hear the amazing work being done in health tech to reach the underserved in our communities.

I look forward to seeing the meetup return in 2020!" 

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Tynesia Fields

Community Coordinator

Xavier University of Louisiana

“The organizers of Beyond the Divide did an incredible job of connecting diverse key experts within the health tech space for intentional dialogue about barriers to health equity in New Orleans, and innovations that can help us overcome them. The event highlighted many of the local conversations and community-led efforts happening across the city to reduce health disparities, but also the need to continue and to expand these efforts through collaboration across sectors. Beyond the Divide was encouragement to continue growing as better community advocates for health equity in all fields, to center the experiences and expertise of, and partnerships with, disproportionately affected communities in designing effective and sustainable health innovations. I'm excited to see the conversations that this event will spark next year!”